Are you facing hair loss problems? We are the best solution for all your hair loss problems. Derma Tech Clinic is a popular clinic for hair transplant in Andheri, which is always ready to serve all kinds of hair problems. We offer a wide range of hair loss treatments like Regenera Active, FUE, FUT, Beard Hair Transplant, Combination Hair Transplant, and more. We also provide advanced robotic hair transplant treatments to those who are suffering from excessive hair loss.

Besides the surgical options, Derma Tech Clinic is also renowned for offering non-surgical treatments for hair transplant in Andheri West. It includes hair fixing, hair bonding, hair weaving, hair wigs, and others for both men and women. So, if you face any hair loss or fall issues, we are your one-stop solution. Our clinic has gathered recognition as the best hair transplant clinic in Andheri that never denies the demands of the customers.

Fut Hair Transplant Andheri West

FUT is the short form of Follicular Unit Transplantation. It is the most popular transplantation method in India and at our clinic in Andheri. The process involves cutting off the hair from the donor area. The hair follicles are then extracted from the strip of skin and transplanted to the recipient’s hair. This surgery is carefully handled by the doctors at our clinics who are skilled with the FUT Hair Transplant Surgery Andheri

We recommend FUT transplant treatment to those who want to get a hair transplant with a large number of grafts. Our clinic has been proven to deliver desirable outcomes. FUT hair transplant cost in Andheri is less compared to FUE Hair transplant and we offer discounts over the original prices. So, you can trust us for the best FUT hair transplant treatment.

FUE Hair Doctor in Andheri West

FUE and FUT are two major hair transplant procedures that are available at our clinic. In this treatment, our surgeons carefully harvest the hair follicles from the donor area and put them to the recipient region. FUE Hair transplant is ideal for those with no scars and requires a smaller number of follicles. 

With FUE hair transplant treatment, there are no stitches or scars. Also, during the harvesting of the hair follicles, our hair specialist doctor in Andheri West is so experienced that it won’t cause any pain to the recipient. The hair follicles can be taken from any part of the body with the FUE hair transplant procedure. 

Robotic Hair Transplant in Andheri 

Derma Tech Clinic has developed advanced robotic hair transplant services in Andheri. In this procedure, the robots carry out the transplantation of the hair follicles. This advanced method of FUE hair transplantation is well carried out at our clinic in Andheri. This is a technological advancement for the treatment of hair in Andheri. So, you can always find us for the best quality robotic hair transplant in Andheri without any hassle.

Long Hair Transplant in Andheri

Long Hair Transplant is also a hair transplantation technique in Andheri and is available at our clinic. Our experienced surgeons have contact with the best hair transplant surgeons around the world who are experts in Long Hair transplants. Long Hair transplants give immediate results. We take proper care to get this treatment done, mostly for women. 

Why should you choose us for Hair Transplant in Andheri?

There are several reasons to choose us for hair transplant in Andheri. We have been serving our customers for more than a decade and with higher satisfaction rates. And so, we have grown to become one of the largest and most popular hair transplant clinic in Andheri that never fails to fulfill the needs of the customers. Be it any type of hair transplant, you can always find us to serve you better. 

Outstanding Services

We work with international clients and regularly keep ourselves updated to meet the international standards of hair transplant surgeries. The doctors at our place for hair transplant surgery in Andheri have given satisfactory results to the patients. We have also tried to maintain our standards by providing the best after-surgery care and service.

Guaranteed Work

We are the most preferred clinic for hair transplant Andheri West. Be it any type of surgery, you can observe results within a quick time with hair transplant surgeries from our clinic. We provide guaranteed work with utmost satisfaction.

High-Density Hair Transplant

Derma Tech Clinic Offers all forms of modern hair transplant treatments which also includes the result-oriented programs at affordable prices. We believe in client satisfaction and thus, offer the best hair transplant treatment to our customers at effective prices. 


At our clinic, we give the utmost priority to hygiene. We maintain the hygiene of every product being used for the hair transplant treatment. You can find all the products sterilised including the gloves that our doctors use before hair transplant for the patients. 


  • How much dies a hair transplant cost in Mumbai?

The cost of a hair transplant in Mumbai might depend from one clinic to another and also on the type of treatment you choose. FUE hair transplant procedures have more expenditures than FUT hair transplant treatments. But, at our clinic, you can find some effective price packages for hair transplant treatments in Andheri.

  • What is the cost of 2000 grafts hair transplant in Mumbai?

A cost of single graft transplant in India can range between 80-120 Rs. But, the entire cost can vary from clinic to clinic. And if you are looking for quality grafts at affordable prices, then you must check us out.

  • What is the cost of 5000 hair grafts in Mumbai?

As told above, the cost of one graft in Mumbai can range somewhere between 80-120 Rs. But they can also vary depending on the quality of the graft used for the surgery.

  • Is 2 lakh enough for hair transplant?

Yes, 2 lakh is enough for a suitable hair transplant treatment in Mumbai. 

  • Is Hair Transplant 100 successful?

No, we cannot say that hair transplant treatment is 100% successful. But, we can consider success rate somewhere between 90-95%. If you want better success rates in Andheri, you must check out our clinic.

  • How much area does 2000 grafts cover?

2000 Grafts can cover around 8-10% of the scalp area.