Skin is the largest body organ, protecting the body from all sorts of external allergens and harmful bacteria. And since the skin is a good detector of general health, the organ must always be kept in good condition for better body response. Our skin specialist in Andheri West focuses on the diagnosis of the underlying conditions of the skin, which can cause damage to it. And we help patients get relief from all sorts of health conditions related to hair, nails and the skin.

Our dermatologist in Andheri West has specialised in managing all the conditions which are mentioned above. Besides, they are experts and have professional experience in various skin treatments, such as systemic, topical, and many more. Additionally, our dermatologist in Andheri are experts in several surgical procedures for treating skin problems like skin cancer, diagnosing any skin condition and improving skin aesthetics. Derma Tech Clinic is always the first choice as a skin clinic in Andheri West that can treat any sort of skin disorder.

Why must you choose us for Skin Treatments in Andheri?

We have the best skin clinic in Andheri West that has some of the experts in Dermatology who are always on their feet to offer the best possible skin services. Besides having specialist doctors, patients also get several advantages by availing of skin treatments from us. Therefore, getting skin treatments from the most experienced skin clinic in Andheri West is always a pleasure.

  • Friendly Atmosphere

The smile on the face of our staff and their warm hospitality will always keep you engaged during your skin treatment. You will get pampered and find your skin glowing while stepping out of our skin clinic in Andheri West. The environment here will not cause you to feel any problems while having skin treatments.

  • Top Notch Professionals

Our professional team at Derma Tech Clinic in Andheri have the best doctors, assistants, therapists, helpers and managers who are very cooperative and will always assist you at every step of your solution. The customer executive sitting at our front desk will always make your work easier and will drive you through a hassle-free process.

  • One-Stop Skin Solution

Right from face cleanup to chemical peels, laser treatments to fillers, you can find every kind of skin treatment from professional dermatologist in Andheri West. We are your one-stop solution for all types of skin disorders in Mumbai.

  • Advanced Treatments

We believe in our own technology to provide our customers the best in class advanced treatments. We help relieve the skin problems of our patients and assist them in leading a happy and healthy life. Our doctors have connections with specialists abroad who assist with the best quality advanced skin treatments.

  • Best in Class Facility

Derma Tech Clinic has some quality equipment for a variety of skin treatments. We have professional skin treatment devices that cause no pain during the treatment. You can always find us on the top for quality skin treatments.

  • Hygiene

Hygiene is crucial for the skin clinics, and we have always been strict with our hygiene rules. Our doctors use sterilised products and change their equipment for every surgery to maintain hygiene during the surgical procedure.

What type of skin treatments are available with us?

Derma Tech Clinic is a skin clinic in Andheri that provides customers with a wide range of skin treatments. 

  • Mole and Wart Removal

Moles can be irritable at times, and they can occur in any part of your skin. We have mole removal services and the utmost care to help you remove any unwanted lumps from your skin and stay healthy.

  • Non-Surgical Facelift

If you are finding skin doctor in Andheri West to remove the wrinkles from your skin, fix saggy skin or remove the frowning lines, then you are at the right place. More than 1000 patients visit us each year to get their skin back glowing with non-surgical facelift treatment. 

  • Skin Pigmentation Treatment

Production of too much of pigment can lead to the skin forming dark spots and patches. We provide the best treatment for skin pigmentation that can remove all sorts of sports from the skin without much hassle.

  • Full Body Lightening

If your skin is getting dark, you can go for this treatment from our skin clinic in Andheri. Daily exposure to the sun can make your skin dark. Our full body lightening treatment can help you make your skin glow.

  • Anti-Ageing Treatment

Ageing will happen to everyone, but don’t be tensed by your skin texture. Step on over to our clinic soon and get anti-aging treatment to get your younger look back.

  • Acne Marks Treatment

We have quality skin specialist doctors in Andheri West who are professionals in Acne Marks treatment. You can see all your acne eliminated with our treatment.


  • How much does a Dermatologist cost in Mumbai?

The cost of a dermatologist in Mumbai might vary depending on the treatments and the clinic you choose. We can provide you with some quality dermatology treatment at affordable prices.

  • Who is the most famous Dermatologist in Mumbai?

The doctors at Derma Tech Clinic are the most famous and best dermatologist in Andheri West, who have years of experience with skin treatments.

  • Which doctor is the best for Skin Problems?

Dermatologists at Derma Tech Clinic are the best for skin problems in Mumbai.

  • Is Dermatologist good for face?

Yes, a dermatologist is very ideal for skin problems in the face.

  • Will a Dermatologist clear skin?

A dermatologist can suggest the right treatments to help patients regain their glowing skin.

  • Who is the No. 1 Dermatologist in India?

The dermatologist of Derma Tech Clinic is the best dermatologist in India.

  • How to get a clear skin?

The effective skin treatments from Derma Tech Clinic can help you get clear skin, free from any skin issues.

  • Where do I go if I have skin problems?

You must visit the Derma Tech Clinic in Mumbai if you face any sort of skin problems.

  • What doctors treat itchy skin?

The dermatologist specialises in the treatment of itchy skin.

  • How can I improve my face skin?

Skin ageing treatment or any sort of skin treatment from Derma Tech Clinic, the best clinic in Andheri, can help you improve your skin.