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Dandruff is the most frustrating and embarrassing problem to have on one’s scalp. Dandruff is a flaky white substance that is secreted by the hair when it is dry and it causes irritation of the scalp and leads to future irritation.

They can be caused by: Fungal infections, Bad diet, Hygiene problems, Stress, etc. It doesn’t disappear on its own and stays until we provide the best solutions for it.

At our Clinic, we take care of your dandruff and also provide:

  1. The way to maintain Hair Health
  2. Teach you important aspects of Hair Hygiene
  3. Natural ways to improve hair line
  4. Dandruff stopper techniques

Dandruff is never a problem with DermaTech.

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    At DermaTech Clinic, we provide world-class dermatology services and strive to be your trusted partner in hair care. Our teams are highly trained and qualified, as well as certified by organizations like the World Association of Aesthetic Physicians.

    DermaTech Clinic offers a combination of efficient and individualized treatment options, providing a unique experience for every one of our patients. Our staff is dedicated to your comfort and prompt attention. We’re committed to helping you achieve the beautiful hair you deserve.

    So, never worry about issues regarding hair or aesthetics when DermaTech stands by your side.

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