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A mole is a type of skin lesion that can be flesh-colored or pigmented, elevated or flat, and is often irritable. On the other hand, warts are small growths that are scratchy, and are typically found on the hands or feet but can be in different locations on the body. They often have an uneven, solid blister appearance, resembling cauliflowers.
Dermatologists often use a surgical blade to remove moles. There are several treatments and procedures for wart removal, but the most common is Salicylic acid.

Patient Eligibility

Everyone is eligible to get this procedure, still, we sometimes need to get some health check-ups done, which are routine and rarely require lab testing.

We, at Dermatech Clinic, provide great facilities and would love for you to undertake your cosmetic enhancement journey with us. Dr Prajali Sawant, our medical head, is vastly experienced and lauded all over the world for her ability as a dermatologist. Our talented and highly qualified staff will ensure that your need for skin removal is met.

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